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Jon Hamm

Mad Men, an American period drama television series, earned numerous accolades for its acting, writing, directing, and technical achievements during its run. Set in New York City amid the social changes of the 1960s, the show follows the people working at an advertising agency on Madison Avenue. Among its recognitions, it won sixteen Primetime Emmy Awards from 116 nominations. The series won the award for Outstanding Drama Series four times from eight nominations, tying the record for most wins in the category. Jon Hamm (pictured) was also nominated eight times for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, ultimately winning the award once in 2015. However, despite these successes, the show often came up notably empty-handed; its seventeen nominations without a win in 2012 set an Emmys record for largest shutout in a year. Other accolades for Mad Men include five Golden Globe Awards from thirteen nominations. Its three wins for Best Television Series – Drama are tied for the record for most wins in the category. (Full list...)

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Purana tigrina is a species of cicada found in Southeast Asia. This adult male was photographed in Kadavoor, Kerala, in southern India, and is about one inch (25 mm) in length. The mouthparts are adapted to piercing plant tissues and sucking sap; the male abdomen houses the tymbal, an organ used in the production of song, while the female abdomen is tipped by a large, saw-edged ovipositor.

Photograph credit: Jeevan Jose

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